Paternal rage post

Soo...was an interesting visit from my niece. She was relaxing at the end when she hit us with some rather large news about her mother and stepfather, the one of which is the largest concern is not mine to post, but suffice it to say that she's not happy. She has to be home at 5:00 PM (To make sure that she's ok - despite the fact they won't get her a cellular phone because of 'internet predators' however that works). If she's not, she has the door to her room taken off. She has a computer running windows '95 that she uses for word processing, and no internet priveelages (again, because of 'predators'). Apparently her out-of-work stepfather took her PS3 console that her dad bought her for her birthday and doesn't give her access until her grades come up. He does make extensive use of it himself, I've noted on the PS3 logs.


Her mother told Cameron that she's sending Jade to the school's councilor, and if that doesn't work "She's on her own".

That's not what really pissed me off. What really pissed me off was my father's reaction to my brother's assertation that he gets another job, gets a house and has jade move in with him.

"Think about this, will it really help her situation?"

Cam and I recounted everything. The bit of news would make everyone on here quite upset, I assure you, but you'd think the punishment of making a 16 year old have her door taken off her room in a small house with two brothers and a stepdad is humiliating enough, I should think.

'Is JADE making the right decisions about being unhappy?" he asked.

We were astounded, and re-told him everything.

"She could shower and change in the bathroom. She shouldn't be worrying about that, and just make the right decision for herself."

Seriously?? SERIOUSLY??? Is the man THAT FRIGGING DENSE? Like it were jade's fault!


(depressed rant warning)

Ugh. Helluva week. Since I registered late, I had to go to a makeup physics lab. Since the alarm clock at mum's was about an hour behind, rubber was burned, even on the icy streets of Regina. I had made what I thought was the perfect stop, pulling a 180 e-brake turn into an isolated, convenient parking spot, but managed to get my car half-buried in the snow. After the lab and classes, It was apparent that my car wasn't going anywhere without some assistance, and I was parked in some out of the way boulevard where no one was likely to happen by. Well, there's not much use being a 6'4 labourer if you can't move heavy objects, right? I shifted into neutral, and applied my back to the rear bumper, and strained for all I was worth. The car shifted out of it's ruts right about the time I felt, rather than heard, a *crunch* deep in my right knee. Yikes.

I don't think there's any bone damage, but it was painful and there's a lot of swelling. Not the worst knee injury I've sustained: I resolved to just keep off of it for a couple of days and see if there's any permanent damage worth a doctor's attention. Sadly, however, this plan was not to be. For some reason, our tenants seem to be in the most DEMANDING mood, asking for the most innane favours, which I carried out. 'Cos Cam's apparently too busy shagging his girlfriend. Sigh.

I thought that was about the end of things tonight, but oh man, was I wrong. Was just about to go to bed a couple of hours ago and decided to take a shower. Stupid mistake on my part - my knee managed to give out as I was straightening up, and I slipped and fell backward through the shower door. Safety glass is nice and all, but when you're falling onto it...well, let's just say my torso and back aren't too pretty at the moment, and leave it at that. There's also a big mess in the bathroom, which I'm not going to clean up tonight. Any takers? Didn't think so. Man, I'm just done with this week. Glad it's over tomorrow. I feel very much like breaking a great deal of fragile objects, or possibly another person's skull, which is a very foreign concept to me, and I feel a bit strange that I would want to inflict such harm on another for no good reason. How curious. Hope everyone else's week is going better?

Wee Techie Moment.

I was over at a friend's house, 'fixing her PC'. I was just in the process of noticing a hidden boot sector when the frantic pounding of socked feet on hardwood sounded, growing louder as they raced towards me. A thirteen year old blonde spikey-haired kid in glasses slid to a halt and looked at the man his mum must've said was 'fixing the computer' Read: 'infringing on his territory'. One look at the screen, and he knew he was busted. Poor kid was white as a sheet.

I gave him a grin, and moved into the seat next to me, leaving the keyboard free. He realized he was off the hook and logged into his hidden OS. A friendly penguin logo popped up before his mother shouted from the kitchen "And don't try anything funny, because I put Valet (Child guard software, but inhibits a lot of other stuff too) on the router!'

'Yes mom!', he shouted, unplugging the ethernet cable that fed the modem's signal into the router and plugging it directly into his computer's ethernet port, giving him uninhibited access.

I held out my fist, and his smaller one bumped it.

'Just clean out your mum's OS once and a while, or else you'll get idiots screwing with your rig.'

' 'kay '

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This morning found me pounding on the side of what once was my car, and now is a novelty ice cube. It snowed rather heavily last night, and the thermal vent from the laundry exhaust did me the favour of melting the stuff and letting it melt and freeze, over and over and OVER again all night. I Still made it to class with the help of a kettle I just had on the boil to have my morning tea with, but damn winter is frustrating.

What god do I have to sacrifice a baby to in order to get a mild winter, huh?!? You people down south suck. And yes, that is jealousy speaking.



So...after imposed linear thinking.....

Does a doctor consider war to be nothing more than randomized surgery? 

Why is crying at a wedding acceptable, but laughing at a funeral is not? 

If our appliances truely have consciousness, is it any wonder they commit suicide so often after a life of imposed slavery? 

Does the inception of consciousness begin the capacity for morality? 

If a quantum wave function can indeed exist everywhere, everywhen, does that mean our thoughts, which seem to simulate the same function exist in such a capacity as well? 

If moral people invented justice, does that mean that evil ones invented mercy?

If beauty is only skin deep, how far does hideousness reach? 


Excellent news! Vince is coming to visit me tomorrow for four days! I'm so excited! 

Somewhat bad news: My biochemistry midterm is tomorrow. I'm somewhat nervous.

(Nervous = excited x log ([dopamine(mM)]/[cortisol(mM)]) = Buggermewithrustyrebar,Ican'tsleep! 

What's a zwitterion?? Was that a double link to the first nitrogen group in histadine cyclopentase group, or a single one? Wait, was that tryptophan? What's the concentration of oxygen have to be for hemoglobin in a tense state to bond to it?? Was that a 90 degree rotation induced with bonding to oxygen or a 93.2?? Who the hell is Haber anyways? What's the flight speed of an unladen swallow?? If semen exits at ~28 MPH from the average male during ejeculation, can the swallow truely be called unladen? AUUUGH! (Goes to hide under the bed) 

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A very interesting statistical analysis of gay and straight people, likes and dlikes, placed in a social context, primarily data mined from dating sites such as OKCupid's public profiles. HOLYCRAPILOVECOMMASHAVEN'TSLEPTIN37HOURSANDIMNOTGONNACOZCENTRALNERVOUSSTIMULANTSCALLEDCONCERTAKEEPMEAWAKECOZOFALABDUEMAUAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Also! The most logical argument against gay marriage. (NSFW if your boss is offended by mock fruit sex. Starts off slow, but made me laugh longer than I've done in a while near the end)